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We offer a multi-platform support:
the same high-quality technical service
for as many platforms as needed.

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SLA 95%


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A network of technicians – 24/7 Availability

Enjoy the benefits of counting on a service supplier that has his own staff all over the country, available all year round.
All our technicians share Ecorp’s values and know how, which allows your company’s IT department to work homogeneously and to count on committed, trustworthy staff that offers technical support for the online setup of your business.
Therefore, your company’s performance will be optimized through the reduction of operating costs and the increase in productivity thanks to the incident predictability and the immediate response ability of the team of technicians.

The only market supplier that ensures a 95 percent
SLA fulfillment

Our exclusive way of working allows you to anticipate the operation of your company all over the country since we are the only market supplier that ensures a 95 percent SLA fulfillment.
We offer on-site assistance at any branch you may require. We will help your company find a solution as fast as possible any time.
With Ecorp, your company can grow and expand because we are the IT solution supplier with the best SLA of the market.

Centralization of incidents with a help desk integrated to the client’s platform

By choosing Ecorp, your company will have an efficient help desk which will be available all over the country and over which you will do a continuous follow-up.
Enjoy the difference of having a centralized communication channel that will allow you to check if your request is being processed in a timely manner. You will have access to a continuous follow-up of reports through phone, email or a tickets system so that you will always be informed about the evolution of your repair request.
The standardization of the company processes, besides optimizing your resources, will allow you to reduce your administrative burden and to measure the performance of your branches more effectively.

Personalized Service

Our staff is our strength. We have our own staff all over the country. This staff works in a synergistic way with account executives and the help desk, and this is why we specialize in companies with great capillarity.
This is what makes us different from our competitors and from outsourcing. Your branches benefit from the fact of counting on a local professional in different parts of the country to solve your incidents within the promised time frame, and who continues to work with your account in accordance with the terms of the contract. This allows him to develop a unique, vital level of knowledge of your branch that makes him more efficient to solve your problems by providing you a better quality service. With Ecorp your branches feel closer.

Assets cross control: your “eyes and hands” at your branches

Get to know the computer equipment of your company in a centralized way. Our service allows you to have a tangible visibility of the structure of your company. Therefore, you will measure in a safe way the functioning of each of your branches and you will get statistics to be applied to your cost center.
We work on the branches by following the internal policies of each company to develop a homogeneous service of the operation all along the network. In order to achieve that, we enclose photographs to our technical surveys. This will allow clients to shorten the distances and to know with precision what is happening in each branch. We provide accurate diagnoses of the company’s situation so as to accelerate the decision-making process. With Ecorp, knowing with precision the performance of your branches is possible.

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