What we do

Ecorp is an only supplier that offers solutions to your multiple technical support needs all over the country.

We propose a reduction of your administrative burden and the measuring of your branches performance. Adapt our service to your needs. Have a 24/7/365 service all over the country. You will be able to choose the response time and the online setup of your network on different time slots: 2h, 4h, 8h or 12h. This possibility of choice will allow you to homogenize your branches operation and to offer a non-stop service, always billing for your sales and therefore improving your internal processes.



We work at a micro level with a macro look, knowing that little details make a difference.
Which is why we offer the same specialized service anywhere thanks to our own professional network of technicians.

Micro IT

Technical support solutions aimed at offering end-user or work team technical assistance. Thanks to this service, you will be able to choose any time slot in which you may need our assistance plus the length of such assistance.
The assistance includes Focal Customer Services and an agent, both of which will offer personal attention to the account and will be in touch with the technical staff involved in the incident resolution. This way of working offers you the chance of cross-monitoring your operations and of doing a non-stop follow-up of the online setup of your branches.
Besides, Ecorp allows you to integrate its ticket platform system with your company internal platform, to receive preventive and corrective maintenance of your branches computer equipment, to have an assets survey mad, to get equipment rollout and a system migration.

Logistics and
parts distribution

Logistics and hardware supply service that will allow you to restore quickly your point of sale operability at the location where your equipment is installed.
If you cannot bill for your sales, your competitors will.
This line of service has been created to make your branches online operability faster, restoring your machines in accordance with the standards defined by their manufacturer, and involving all service levels to find a solution to reported failures at the lowest market response time.
You will also have a critical stock of parts that will allow you to get a faster incident resolution and to control your stock efficiently by organizing different logistic centers located at critical places of the country where you develop your business.

ATM and Self-Service
Terminal maintenance

High availability is one of the main factors that helps develop your business, particularly if your company has great capillarity and needs online systems available as soon as possible
all over the country. Therefore, you may choose a visitation
schedule for your branches to get corrective and preventive support of your ATM/self-service terminals.
This service will allow you to be proactive, to anticipate any failures in your equipment thanks to a general assessment.
The proper functioning of the platform will be checked, and if necessary, it will be standardized in accordance with each client’s specifications or internal rules. You may request this service through our service center by email, telephone or through our website, and we will arrange a visitation schedule to whatever places you may need.

Telephone Exchange

We know the importance of the communication flow within an organization, which is why we offer quick solutions to any communication problems your company may have. We provide a precise diagnosis of the situation that is causing a probable lack of communication within your company structure and we make a physical or remote line connection immediately.
This service includes the development of technical support solutions to provide field assistance to the branches communication equipment, the installation of new equipment, the setting, startup, management and maintenance of the company telephone exchanges, and the support and maintenance of the voice communication service based on fixed terminals at workstations.

Television Maintenance

When visibility of your business is vital for its growth, it is important to have a suitable technical support that ensures the proper functioning of your CCTV system. Therefore, we offer support, maintenance and put into operating conditions of your video surveillance system with the highest quality standards. We also offer infrastructure assistance service for the closed-circuit television system such as cabling, DVR or additional components for the proper functioning of your resources. We provide preventive and corrective maintenance, we change parts and check the cabling so that the control meets your expectations (whether access or perimeter control).

Ad Hoc Technological

We develop technological, tailor-made projects. Our experience and specialized knowledge in technology allow us to design projects that meet our clients’ specific needs. We add value, which means you can count on our own network of professionals all over the country, a network that specializes in companies with great capillarity.

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